About Us



Founded in 1999 RBC Royal Business Corporation is an international top ranked company in sports, events, media and fashion, operating all over the world, helping clients to explore uncharted territories, exploit new opportunities, unlock hidden potential and achieve their goals.


RBC Royal Business Corporation will become part of your team, providing you not a just a standard package of business consultancy, but a personalized complex strategic plan of actions created for your needs. The provided plan, services, management or marketing solutions, will be tailored specially for your company.

Delivering Visions 

RBC Royal Business Corporation is specialized to assist major corporations, high-tech ventures, government agencies, charitable organizations, entertainment entities or individuals, to define and implement strategic visions and innovative business plans in order to achieve their desired goals. Our objective is to create a lasting competitive advantage for any client who requests our services.

RBC is known to be: 

Performance driven
Proactive and Innovative


RBC Royal Business Corporation‘s distinctive divisions cover Strategic Management; Marketing Strategy; Branding; Tourism Promotion; Advertising & Publicity; Strategic Alliance & Sponsorship; Sports; Talent Management; PR and Media Management; Music Production; Video Production; Publishing; Event Management; Fashion and Beauty Pageants; Entertainment and Concerts; Product Launch; IT services.
Each division is headed by professional executive(s) with many years of experience in the local, regional and international business environment, possessing superior problem solving skills and understanding of business.

“If you wish to achieve your goals, let us do all the hard work for you… or at least ask for our highly qualified business consulting services.”

RBC Royal Business Corporation